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Fishing at Mokohinau Islands

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Magical Moks,, That was so true on 1-8-11.. A Beautiful winters day, no wind no swell, we had planned our trip from Mangawhai Heads, leaving at 6-30am our party of 5 excited with expectations beyond belief.

A Beautiful Calm Day


We decided to do it all, Simpsons, Naivre Rocks, Burgess Island, Fanal island, Maori rocks, Groper island, and armed with some of the Burgess island light house keepers, fishing spots … taken from his records when he lived on the island back in the 60`s we were off.

The brisk morning opened up to glorious sunshine for our trip to the Moks.

80 mins later we were drifting in and around Simpsons Rock from the 60 meter mark right up to the face and close foul (no swell, no wash, and just dead flat) within minutes we were getting bites, while enjoying the basking seals on the rocks.  Several drifts through and around Simpsons provided several small snapper 40cm and deep red in color, but nothing great, no kingies,,

We then motored a little towards Naivre Rocks,, where we started our drift hoping to drift through the large schools of Kawhai that haunt that area all year round,, As we got a little closer, the hits came and the fish ran.. We landed several large snapper 6-8kg and some kingfish although all around 650-700cm, we watched the birds begin to dive on several large schools of kawhai, and the ocean came alive, and died all within 5-10mins the acres of kawhai were gone.

The Action Begins


We then motored over to the huge 60-70m drop offs on the SE corner of Fanal where we hooked some more kingfish but nothing big, some Blue Moki, good size blue cod, and more snapper…Fantastic Fishing we had already caught and thrown back some very nice fish and still had fish in the huge fish tank,we were in fishing heaven,,



The Moks had welcomed us with open arms,,,time to stop for coffee, soup, and some food,, soaking in the atmosphere on the southern side of Fanal island, basking in glorious sunshine, we Drifted down and in no particular hurry,, to the large work ups in front of The Maori  Rocks, the talk turned toGreat Barrier, which looked so close and was so tempting, heading east and not going home that day?? We were kings with riches to choose from.



Common sense prevailed and we had arrived in front of the Maori Rocks, where we enjoyed some big hits, big snapper, we kept a couple more and through back heaps, Lures, slow jigs and bait all proved successful,, although one side of the boat was better than the other, Isn’t that always the way J oh the skipper had 3 drops for 3 fish !

We feasted on landing and throwing back snapper and trevally, before heading over to the northern side of Burgess for a little lunch in the canyon area,, where we planned our assault on the deep bricks and drop offs on Groper island,,

We arrived at Groper Island on a full tide with no wind, no current and couldn’t drift anywhere,, great?, out came the braid, jigs, bait, floaters, and burly,, and  we couldn’t get a bite/strike no nothing…Then the tide started to move a little ,we drifted off the island a little, and the fish started to come on the bite and we were amongst fish again for at least ½ an hour before we had to bid farewell to this wonderfully remote fishing destination, heading home on a sea that was flatter and calmer than the morning if that was possible ,,

Back at Mangawhai boat Ramp and pontoon  5-30pm,,Reflecting on a boat trip to remember, the talk turned to the next trip, and would it be possible to better this one while we unloaded the fish, and bid farewells.

Happy Customers

My guys were off back to the farms of northland, hustle of Whangarei and Auckland, they were a great bunch of friends who schemed, and planned this trip, that they will not forget.